PGDEC’s Services are instantly accessible to help make sure your project goes smoothly and promptly. We offer a fully-equipped Ground Electronics repair facility staffed by professionals to quickly and efficiently respond to any Sercel 408, 428, SN388 and Aram box issues and maintain greater quality control. We have some of the best Field Service Engineers in the industry who are available on brief notice, to respond to any system or operational problem that may occur, as well as to handle normal job start-ups.  

PGDEC Support Services also includes:

  • In-site  design of proprietary software for every facet of crew operations management and support
  • Electronic design capabilities
  • Designing, fabricating and utilizing our own proprietary electronics equipment and techniques, such as GPS navigation equipment for our vibrators, engineering equipments and so forth
  • New techniques for data backup on all crews that allow instantaneous recovery from media malfunctions or losses in shipping
  • Maintaining and repairing vibrator equipments Such as DPG, DSD, Mechanical and hydraulic elements
  • Overhaul and configuration of the recording system (Sercel 408,428, Aram)
  • Overhaul and configuration of the vibrator (Nomand 65) incuding:
  • Wavelet form & Quality of signal checking
  • Checking the delay in data recording
  • Checking the frequency band of the recording signal
  • Checking the correct operation of the vibrator
  • Distortion, Force, …

PGDEC’s proficient and dexterous experts are also intrigued to:

  • Teach how to be mastered into working with Sercel 408, 428, SN388 and Aram seismic operating system
  • Train how to use TMS, SMT, Line tester equipment
  • Teach how to run and work with vibrators

Initialize and educate Seismic processing, interpretation software and quality control package